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BJA Insurance

The British Judo Association provides insurance to member clubs, members and qualified coaches. See www.britishjudo.org.uk/insurance

Whether you are a participant, coach, a referee or responsible for running a club, you will find information here about the insurance, arranged by British Judo, to protect you whilst you are taking part in our sport.

Your comprehensive cover includes:

  • Personal Accident insurance – This “no fault” benefit provides cover to British Judo licence holders for specified injuries whilst taking part in judo activities recognised by the Association.
  • Civil Liability insurance – Protects all British Judo licence holders, coaches, officials, referees, clubs and their officials if they are held responsible and/or are negligent causing an injury to another licence holder or official or to a third party.

Detailed information can be found here http://www.ps-judo.com


It is recommend that all BJA members check to ensure that both their club and coach are correctly and currently insured through the BJA. If members training either at a club that is not a current member of the BJA or with a coach that isn’t a current BJA qualified coach, then their personal insurance is invalid.