Hampshire Judo Association

Official website for the BJA Hampshire Judo Association.


Please direct all proposals for discussion by BJA Hampshire Judo to the Secretary at Hampshire Judo Association secretary@hampshirejudo.org.uk or to chair@hampshirejudo.org.uk

The current Hampshire Judo Association committee members are:

Executive Committee:

  • Chair:

Adrian Dove                                   chair@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • Secretary:

Bryan Andrews                                  secretary@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • Treasurer:

Roland Fugh                                       treasurer@hampshirejudo.org.uk

Management Committee:

The Executive Committee and …

  • Grading Co Ordinator:

Bob Kubath                                         grading@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • County Senior Examiner:

Bob Kubath                                          examiners@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • Competitions Co-Ordinator:

 Peter Blakemore                               competitions@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  •   Squads Manager:

Peter Blakemore (Senior Squad)      squads@hampshirejudo.org.uk 

Paul Vella and Tony Brown                                                                                                                      (Junior Squad)                                  juniorssquad@hampshirejudo.org.uk 

  •  Refereeing Co-Ordinator:

David Tooby                                    referees@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • County Coach:

Derek Hopkins                                    countycoach@hampshirejudo.org.uk 

  • Table Officials Representative:

Lynn Stringer                                     officials@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • Welfare Officer

Roland Fugh                                       welfare@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • Special Needs Co-Ordinator:

Jan Botting                                          specialneeds@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • Kata Co-Ordinator:

Lance Wicks                                       kata@hampshirejudo.org.uk

  • Communications Co-Ordinator:

Vacant Position                                  communications@ hampshirejudo.org.uk 

Please direct all communication for discussion at meetings to the secretary:

Hampshire Judo Association
The Secretary

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