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Hampshire Team for the Intercounties Competition


This is an update of the Teams for Sunday. All those with Confirmed by their names I have heard from. I have had to add new names as people have dropped out. This is still a provisional list.

Please contact me on squads@hampshirejudo.org.uk

Weigh in time is 8:30 at Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh. Please be early as the whole team must weigh in together

Also if there are any who can fill the holes let me know (Ladies and Men’s teams 1st Kyu and over please)

Please also contact any others that have not confirmed and ask them to contact me. Thank you for your help


Derek Hopkins

Hampshire Squads Manager


Boys Reserve
Weight Name Club Available
-30 Eric Mazzoni-Dalton Fleming Park
-34 Cameron McIvor New Forest Park Confirmed
-38 Benjamin Grist Osaka Confirmed
-42 Alex White Fleming Park Confirmed
-46 Ollie Theobald Gosport
-50 James Newell Matsumachi Confirmed
-55 Felix Yeats-Brown Winchester Confirmed
-60 Jordan Mazzoni-Dalton Fleming Park
-66 Mason Brockway Priory
73+ Isaac Bridet Matsumachi Confirmed
Weight Name Club Available
-60 Cameron Stott Moonrakers
-66 Sam Brimicombe Osaka Confirmed Estienne Herbert
-73 Gary Anderson Confirmed
-81 Ross Harmon Ringwood Confirmed Jim Crompton
-90 Sam Potts Gosport Confirmed
-100 Tom Brown AWE Confirmed
100+ Richard Giles
Weight Name Club Available
-28 Fareya Martin Scorpion
-32 Freya Wong Holbrook Confirmed
-36 Abbie Hunt Fleming Park
-40 Jessica Cragg Brighton Hill
-44 Sophie Halstead Paul Jones
-48 Isobel Pearce Fleming Park Confirmed
-52 Merryn Gilby Summit Confirmed
-63 Lucy Williams Osaka Confirmed
-70 Jade Hart Holbrook Confirmed
70+ Rebecca Richards Moonrakers
Weight Name Club Available
-57 Querine Van Meurs Confirmed
-63 Emma Garside Matsumachi Confirmed
-70 ? ?
-78 ? ?
78+ Ronda Crampton-Reid Gosport