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Table Officials

Lynn Stringer is the current Volunteer Co-ordinator who took the role not through playing judo herself but rather from taking her daughter to many judo competitions, where she sat for many hours waiting for her daughter to have her fights then drive her home.

After some conversations with some other table officials Lynn realised that anybody interested could become a Timekeeper/Scorer and took the course which she passed first time. Also she realised she enjoyed the social aspect and has made friends with many people, not just in Hampshire but around the country by attending events in Hampshire, Southern Area, Bristol, Birmingham. Walsall, Sheffield,the Midlands and more.

After a couple of years as a Timekeeper Lynn has taken additional courses and is now also a Competition Recorder and can run smaller events of her own.

The official positions that you can apply for are:

  • Timekeeper
  • Competition Record
  • Senior Recorder
  • Competition Controller
  • Tournament Director

Many are concerned that you will have to attend events every weekend and simply cannot give up that much time. However the requirements are actually that you attend 6 events in 2 years to maintain your qualification.

Hampshire Table Officials List

If you would like to help in any way or find out more about becoming an official or volunteer please email :


Remember : Many Hands Make Light Work.