2012 Hampshire Games (Under 12s)

Judo will again be part of the largest multisport event in Hampshire, the Youth Games. The Hampshire Games has the following objective:

‘To organise and deliver a showcase multi-sport event for targeted young people, which will encourage the development of appropriate and sustainable pathways for participation, competition, officiating, coaching and volunteering opportunities.’

Hampshire Judo is repeating the efforts we put in last year holding local participation events and a teams based event in Aldershot on June 16th 2012.

Attached is the documentation we have provided to Hampshire County Council, and outlines the format of the local area round-robin participation events and the teams based event on June 16th.

As with last year, we aim to hold a small, friendly competition in each of Hampshire’s local authority areas. Players who participate in their local events are then eligible to participate in the main event on June 16th, 2012.
** Players MUST participate locally to attend in the main event in Aldershot. 

Clubs in each local authority area are encouraged to start talking to one another now and to quickly contact their local Sports Development Officer (SDO) to arrange a participation event. Last year the local SDOs were hugely supportive and part of the goal of the games is for clubs to build closer links with the SDOs.

The local events are friendly, informal events between children from neighboring clubs, which are fun and non-intimidating. The idea is that they provide an opportunity for children to try competition for the first time is a safe, supportive environment.

The event on June 16th will be larger than last years event and run on two mats. The team format is different from last year. Each local authority area is able to enter up to 4 teams:

  • Light weight girls
  • Light weight boys
  • Heavy Weight girls
  • Heavy weight boys

Each team consists of three team members, with a total combined weight limit. We will be following the BJA guidance in reference to allowing players of different weights compete against each other. Specifically maximum weight difference of 10% and/or one BJA weight class. This is all outlined in the attached documentation.

At all times and events, we will follow the BJA guidance and make decisions that provide the most positive experience for the most players while being as fair as possible and safe for all.

The hope and aim is that clubs will work together to put on the local events, however there are volunteers willing to help with things like running scoreboards etc. (last year Steve Lainsley attended EVERY local event, and I attended most).

Please contact me, Lance Wicks ( lw@judocoach.com ), with and/all questions.

Judo_u12_2012_FINAL <- Documentation for 2012 Hampshire Games Judo.

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