2012 Hampshire Team Championships Trial

Applications are now open for teams wanting to participate in the trial for the 2012 Team Championships.

The team championships are a new initiative from Hampshire Judo to encourage competition and collaboration within Hampshire. The championship will take the form of regular competition (monthly) in a round-robin format, split across 4 regional clusters.

The championships is in a 5 person mixed team format. Each month, each team must collaborate with their opposition to field 4 male and 1 female matching weight categories.

To test our format we are holding a trial series starting on March 31st 2012. The trial series will be held in one (or two) locations and include a small number of teams (most likely 6 if one location, 12 if two locations).

Attached is the documentation for the championships, and on page 7 is an application form which needs to be completed and returned by February 13th, 2012.

Contact Lance Wicks ( lw@judocoach.com ) with any questions and for where to send your application.


2012_League_2_2 <- Documentation and Application form.

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