2013 Competitions update.

Dear all,

this is a short update on what is happening competition wise in the first part of 2013 within Hampshire.

  • Hampshire Team Championships – February 3rd
  • Hampshire Team Championships – March 3rd
  • Hampshire Championships (Hampshire Closed) – March 16th
  • Hampshire Team Championships – April 7th
  • Hampshire Games Local Events – From now till June 22nd

The event on the 16th of March is our first large event (Two mat areas, 150 players, Junior and Senior) with the new competitions team. We are actively seeking volunteers to help organise and run the event, to do jobs large and small. Ranging from being a runner between tables on the day to obtaining sponsorship for the event.

Please contact competitions@bharatmushrooms.com if you would like to help make this event a success.

The second item in bold is the Hampshire Games. This is the largest multi-sport event in Hampshire and Judo has been part of it for the last 2 years. As with previous years we are holding a teams event on the day in Aldershot, preceded by small friendly individual events in each of the local authority areas to give players eligibility to represent their area.

The idea here is that the clubs in each area collaborate to put on a small competition for their under 12s between now and June 22nd. As with previous years members of the committee will help when asked (scoreboard, drawsheets, etc).

It is important that you work with your local authority sports development officer(s) and our committee (Competitions Organiser: Lance) as only players who have taken part in a local event arranged between clubs and run properly will be able to come to the Aldershot main event.

Later in 2013 we Special Needs, split grade, novice, kata and a Christmas “bash” competitions scheduled, so we really need your support and your help to make it all happen.

Volunteers are urgently wanted for the Team events, the Hampshire Games and really really needed for the Hampshire Championships (Hampshire Closed).

Please contact our competitions organiser Lance if you would like to help, you don’t need to be a referee, coach, table official or even a Judo player. Parents, for example, would be very much appreciated! We can use all your help! Please contact us, your hep will be appreciated we assure you!

Contact: competitions@bharatmushrooms.com