Call for volunteers and officials!

Dear all,

on October 7th 2012, Hampshire Judo will be starting a Team Championships designed to provide regular (monthly) local competition for those new to the sport and those with some experience looking to play more often.

To bring this ambitious project to life, we need your help!

We need table officials, referees and volunteers to make the events run smoothly. If you have previously been a table official, referee or volunteer we need you! If you would like to be a table official, referee or volunteer please contact us!

The final paperwork is being completed now, and requests for officials have been sent to the respective coordinators. So please contact them if you have yet to have been asked to participate in the events starting October 7th and running on the first Sunday of each month through to May 2013 (with a break for Christmas).

Each event is only from 3 hours long and we will cover your expenses.

Please contact the county coordinator for your role or contact the Team Championships organiser, Lance Wicks (07787565233).