In 2014, the British Judo Association announced some changes to the revalidation requirements for coaches.

A key objective of the coaching department is to put learning at the heart of coaching and to facilitate a system that encourages coaches to grow and develop their knowledge and skills. To help prepare for and achieve this objective, in 2013 we introduced a new system which offers ongoing personal-development and training opportunities for coaches at all levels.

The system allows coaches to have more autonomy over their earning and development, and look beyond what they already do to impact positively on their coaching environment. Coaches can now choose from a range of modules/subjects to plan and manage relevant learning opportunities for themselves over an extended period.

A summary of the updated changes is available here from the BJA website.

More detailed information can be viewed in the three documents below:

BJA Coach Awards Summary July 2014

BJA Coach Education Programme (CPD & Reval) July 2014

Coach Revalidation Course Descriptor and Level July 2014