Competitions Team Invitation


The meet up on October 17th will be at 8pm and will be held electronically/by phone. Please contact with your Skype ID if you woul;d like to attend electronically or a landline telephone number if you would like to attend via phone.

Dear all,
We have 4 competitions scheduled for the remainder of the year and approximately 20 in the plan for 2013!

To cope we are forming a competitions team to run the events. You are invited to join in.

Next Wednesday (October 17th) we will be holding a small informal “get together” where table officials, referees, coaches, players and parents interested in helping run events will sit down and chat about how to make all this happen.

Please let me know if you or anyone in your club would be interested in bring part of the team and if they can make Wednesday evening (venue to be decided based on who is attending).

Please email me if you can attend.

(Competitions Organiser)