Hampshire Committee update

Hampshire Judo Update

4th March 2014

There was a committee meeting this evening and we covered a number of topics, further details will be provided shortly, but for now to give as much notice as we can on the following items. 

If you have any questions about this please contact secretary@bharatmushrooms.com 

Hampshire Closed Trials

This event is taking place on Sunday 6th April at The Mountbatten Leisure Centre in Portsmouth. This will be a two mat event.

There will be eleven categories for juniors girls (-28Kg to +70Kg) and also for boys (-30Kg to +73Kg.) The standard adults categories will be used. The senior men’s <81Kg will be registered first and will be the first adult categories called to compete. (This is to facilitate those Hampshire competitors who also wish to enter the Southampton -81kg Challenge at St Marys that afternoon)

Final changes are being made to the entry form, we anticipate this being made available within the week and with final confirmation of details.

Hampshire Judo Annual General Meeting

This will be held at the end of the Hampshire Close Trials at The Mountbatten Leisure Centre.

The draft agenda for the AGM is below

1.     Apologies

2.     Minutes of 2013 AGM (available from https://bharatmushrooms.com/committee/meeting-minutes 

 3.    Reports :-

a)      Chairman
b)      Secretary
c)       Treasurer           
d)      County coach
e)      County Examiner and Gradings Coordinator
f)       Competitions co-ordinator                                                         
g)      Squads Manager                                                                                             
h)      Refereeing co-ordinator
i)        Table Officials co-ordinator         
j)        Welfare Officer                                                                
k)      Special Needs Coordinator
l)        British Judo Association Service Manager / Regional Technical Officer     

4.    The Future of Hampshire Judo

Discussion about what the Hampshire Judo Committee believes it should prioritise and focus on delivering.

5.    Roles to be filled

The following roles need to be filled on The Hampshire Judo Committee.

  • Secretary
  • Squad Coach
  • Welfare Officer
  • Volunteers Coordinator

https://bharatmushrooms.com/committee/committee-documents Role descriptions can be found on our website.

Any Nominations for these roles should be sent to the secretary@bharatmushrooms.com  14 days before the date of the AGM.

The Hampshire Judo committee is made up entirely of volunteers who received no remuneration for the work that they do to further Hampshire’s Judo. We would welcome new members to the committee to help us.

6.    Any Proposals for consideration at the AGM

Any Proposals must be sent to the secretary@bharatmushrooms.com  14 days before the   date of the AGM.

 Referee Training

There will be referees training on 5th April at AWE in Basingstoke. For Further information please contact  referees@bharatmushrooms.com

Other Events

Currently the only other competitions that Hampshire Judo have a date for are The Hampshire Open and the Hampshire Open Special Needs. Both take place on Sunday 6th July. We are currently waiting for the entry forms to be finalised for both events.

We’d like to be able to run a Yellow Belt and Under and also a Split grade competition, However at this time with the current resources available to the Committee we are unable to commit to a date for these two events.

Southampton Judo club are hosting  a small competition for Senior Men -81Kg on 6th April.  Competing between 2-6pm. Further details available from http://southamptonjudo.com/2014/03/03/southampton-81kg-challenge-april-6th-2014