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Hampshire Squad Session – January 2020

The aim of the squads is to increase participation in the squad sessions rotating around host clubs in the county North South East & West plus a central venue which has been accepted as Places Leisure Eastleigh (formerly known as Fleming Park), numbers are improving session on session. 


At some sessions guest coaches are invited to run the sessions, however if the host club would like to provide the coach then that is the first option employed, this brings variety of coaches and interest from squad members also host club members tend to join us as we move onto the other venues.

The squad’s managers see this as a long-term development for the players who attend meeting & training with players from all over the county & recently some players from out of county also attending.

Being inclusive & open to all is the main goal for us as squad co-ordinators and how we have run the sessions, ensuring that any player and coach from any club feel they can attend the monthly sessions and more importantly have an input into the session and pass on their knowledge and particular skill set. 

This we feel will ultimately lead to a bigger pool of talent hopefully having the confidence to attend more events.

Event information is added to the Hampshire Judo Facebook Group & Page approximately one month before the event.

The First session of 2020 was well attended with 48 players at Places Leisure Eastleigh (formerly known as Fleming Park).

We have sessions booked for the following dates for information on start & finish times please find the relevant event via the Hampshire Judo Facebook Group & Page: –

Feb 16th Places Leisure Eastleigh

March 15th Places Leisure Eastleigh

April 19th Osaka (awaiting confirmation)

June 14th Scorpion Andover

September 13th Places Leisure Eastleigh

October 11th Places Leisure Eastleigh

November 15th Places Leisure Eastleigh

Paul Vella & Tim Byrne Squads managers

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