Hampshire Team Championships Round 5 Report

Sunday March 3rd saw the fifth round of the Hampshire Team Championships take place. Four senior and three junior teams participated, in this the penultimate round in the championships.

The action started with the Junior teams taking to the mat at Southampton Solent Universty’s St Marys Leisure Centre in Southampton. The Winchester College team took on a combined Winchester, Summit and AWE team and came away the vistors.

Next up, the first match in the senior event, the two Southampton based university teams met for their “derby” match. Southampton University taking the match against Southampton Solent University.

Third match of the day was between the Holbrook Junior team and Winchester College. Winchester College taking the match 4-1.

Returning to the seniors, Solent took on Holbrook and were defeated 3-2 on their home turf by the upcoming Holbrook team who came into the championships late but have be doing well since joining.

Following the success of their senior team, the Holbrook Junior team faced the Winchester, Summit & AWE combined team. They were not able to stop an early lead by the Winchester team and lost 4-1.

Next up, Championship leaders Southampton University lined up against Winchester Judo Club. Winchester attending for only their second time in the Championships were able to narrowly defeat the Southampton team 3-2.

Winchester continued their good form in the next match against hosts Solent University. Winchester took every contest and a bye to take the match 4-0.

The final match of the day was between Southampton University and Holbrook Judo Club. Southampton University’s female player opened up the scoring to give the first contest to her team. Holbrook took the next match; and the following three to bow of the victors.

The results for the day were as follows:


  1. Winchester Judo Club
  2. Holbrook Judo Club
  3. Southampton University


  1. Winchester College
  2. Winchester Combined
  3. Holbrook Judo Club


The overall championships table looks like this:


  1. Southampton Uni
  2. Holbrook
  3. Winchester Judo Club
  4. Southampton Solent
  5. AWE
  6. Fleming Park
  7. Crofton

No Junior Table at this stage.