Hampshire Team for Intercounties 27th April 2014

See below for details for the individuals selected to be part of the Hampshire Team for the Intercounties competition on 27th April in Dartford, Kent.

Please can you let our Squad Coach, Derek Hopkins, know by return, whether or not you are able to attend via email to squads@bharatmushrooms.com



PDF File is available to download here Hampshire Teams 2014

Boys Girls
Weight Name Club Weight Name Club
-30 Adam Jones Fleming Park -28 Freya Wong Holbrook
-34 Luke Saunders Osaka -32 Fay Roberts Gosport
-38 Kai Bennett Osaka -36 Pippa Roberts Gosport
-42 Oliver Theobald Gosport -40 Jessica Richards Moonrakers
-46 Matthew Brimicombe Osaka -44 Mollie Game Osaka
-50 Jordan Mazzoni-Dalton Fleming Park -48 Madeline Herbert Osaka
-55 Jack Roberts Gosport -52 Emily Cowell Osaka
-60 Cameron Stott Moonrakers -57 Morgan Cullum Osaka
-66 Ben Harman Fleming Park -63 Jade Hart Holbrook
-73 -70 Shelley Ludford Osaka
73+ Jack Lammiman Gosport 70+ Georgina Cooper Ryde
Mens       Womens
Weight Name Club Weight Name Club
-60 -48
-66 Shaun Mitchell Gosport -52
-73 Laurence Holden Priory -57 Morgan Cullum Osaka
-81 Wayne Patterson Priory -63 Eleanor Stephens AWE
-90 Sam Potts Gosport -70 Clare Brown Summit
-100 Mark Hammond Ringwood -78 Lyndsay Coe Eastleigh
100+ Mark Denney Priory 78+ Emily Snell Moonrakers