IJF Rules Workshop April 7th.

Workshop on New IJF Rules with Andy Tremlett.

Andy Tremlett and Southampton City Judo Club are hosting a workshop on the new IJF rules that are being implemented at international and national level.

This workshop is open to all, however mat space is limited so only 20 people will be able to go on the mat (18 Spaces available on March 24th). Players, coaches and referees are encouraged to come along to get updated on the rules and how players will be affected.

In this workshop Andy will cover the new rules and the BJA implementation and interpretation of the rules. This will include practical and video and review of the new rules as written. It will also include the recent BJA announcements on how they will applied within the UK.

The new rules are being tested and although there will be changes, it is important that we start learning how they will affect players and that players start training correctly for the new rules.

Venue: St Marys Leisure Centre, St Marys Road, Southampton (Activity Room).

Date and time: April 7th, 11am-1pm.

Cost: £3.00 at reception

Contact: Lance Wicks ( lw@judocoach.com )