Inter counties 8th May 2011 – Boys Team.

On May 8th, Hampshire is hosting the Southern Area Inter counties competition, this will be a great event and it would be great if we could have lots of support for our teams as they compete against the other counties.

The Boys team has been announced by Squad Manager Danny Murphy:

Inter Counties (Boys Team)

  • U30 Lewis Cullum Newbury
  • U34 Daniel Holt Osaka
  • U38 Mason Brockway Portsmouth
  • U42 Harry Ellard Havent
  • U46 Harry Boby Osaka
  • U50 James Fowler Osaka
  • U55 Austin Jones Osaka
  • U60 James Hendin Osaka
  • U66 Jorden Slaney Summit
  • U73 Jake Whittaker Osaka
  • +73 Jack Power Winchester


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