Intercounties update

Please see the following document for an update from our Squad Coach Derek Hopkins

Intercounties update April 2014


The following is a plain text version of the document.


The Location for the Intercounties on 27th April is:

Dartford Judo Club

Cotton Lane






Weigh in is between 8 and 9am so please be there early so that the teams can weigh in (they must weigh in together)

Due to prior commitments I will not be able to attend so the coaches will be Pat Clarke and Paul Vella with Paul Hamilton there to assist.

The Teams are: (In Green are totally confirmed) If anyone knows of anyone who can fill the vacancies please let us know


Weight    Name                Club         Available

-30    Adam Jones             Fleming Park    Yes

-34    Luke Saunders          Osaka           Yes

-38    Kieran Masters         Osaka           Yes

-42    Oliver Theobald        Gosport         Yes

-46    Matthew Brimicombe     Osaka           Yes

-50    Jordan Mazzoni-Dalton  Fleming Park    Yes

-55    Jack Roberts           Gosport         Yes

-60    Cameron Stott          Moonrakers      Yes

-66    Ben Harman             Fleming Park    Yes


73+    Jack Lammiman           Gosport        Yes


Weight    Name                Club        Available

-60    Sam Brimicombe          Osaka          Yes

-66    Shaun Mitchell          Gosport        Yes

-73    Laurence Holden         Priory         Yes


-90    Sam Potts               Gosport        Yes

-100    Mark Hammond           Ringwood       Unknown

100+    Mark Denney            Priory         Yes


Weight    Name                 Club        Available

-28    Freya Wong              Holbrook       Yes

-32    Fay Roberts             Gosport       Yes

-36    Pippa Roberts           Gosport        Yes

-40    Jessica Richards        Moonrakers     Yes

-44    Mollie Game             Osaka          Yes

-48    Madeline Herbert        Osaka          Yes

-52    Emily Cowell            Osaka          Yes

-57    Morgan Cullum           Osaka          Yes

-63    Jade Hart               Holbrook       Yes

-70    Shelley Ludford        Osaka         Yes



Weight    Name                 Club        Available



-57    Morgan Cullum           Osaka          Yes

-63    Eleanor Stephens        AWE            Yes

-70    Clare Brown             Summit        Yes

-78    Gemma Bavistock                        Yes

78+    Emily Snell             Moonrakers    Yes



Good Luck


Derek Hopkins

5th Dan

County Team Manager