Below is a list of Hampshire officials the unsung heroes that without we would not be able to run any events. Thank you all for making Hampshire Judo possible.

Competition Controller

Andy Grand – Ashigaru Judo Club

Paul Sexton – New Forest Park Judo Club

Nicki Sexton – New Forest Park Judo Club

Senior Recorders

Peter Blakemore – Moonrakers Judo Club

Competition Recorder

Lynn Stringer – Since Sept 2010- AWE Judo Club


Ruth Sullivan -Since 2009- No Club
Fiona Prudence – Since Nov 2010 – Hollywater Judo Club
Steve Lansley -Since 2011 – Crofton Judo Club
Paul Hamilton – Since Mar 2012 – Summit Judo Club
Karen Warburton – Since Mar 2012- Summit Judo Club
Emma Stephens – Since Mar 2012- AWE Judo Club
Jacqui Meechan – Since Mar 2012- AWE Judo Club
Anna Rosa Cahill – Since Mar 2012- Fleming Park Judo Club

As you can see we are Timekeeper heavy at the moment, It takes 1 year of experience (Min 4 events) as a Timekeeper before you can move up to the Competition Recorder.

To run events currently we have to call a number of officials from other counties who may or may not be available to attend the events.

If you have been missed of this list or have any interest in becoming a table official please contact