Recruitment: Senior-Squad Coordinator

We are currently recruiting a SQUADS CO-ORDINATOR for Hampshire’s Seniors.

This is a voluntary position in which the appointed person will fulfil the criteria specified below.

If interested, please contact the Hampshire Chair.

The Squad Co-ordinator must:

  • be at least 21 years of age
  • have some organising and coaching experience
  • be a 1st Dan grade or above
  • Hold a BJA Level 2 Coaching Award.

The Squads Co-ordinator is responsible for:

  • Training and coaching competitors and where necessary inviting the assistance of other suitable qualified Coaches and Trainers
  • Administration of all matters pertaining to the Squads including discipline
  • Collecting mat fees and passing them to the Treasurer
  • Booking venues and passing invoices to the Treasurer
  • Keeping records on all Squad Members
  • Making selections for competitions from amongst the Hampshire Squads as required
  • Arranging matches and all details pertaining to them
  • Travelling with the Squads to arranged events
  • Keeping the Management Committee informed of all activities
  • Acting as the BSJA representative and report back to the Management Committee.
  • Liaising with Press Officer and Secretary to advertise events.
  • Liaising with BJA staff as necessary