Report: Hampshire Team Championships Round 2

Today the second of five round of the Hampshire Team Championships took place at St Marys Leisure Centre in Southampton. Below are the Results:

Mens Teams

  • 1st. Priory / Portsmouth University
  • 2nd. Holbrook Judo Club
  • 3rd. Southampton and Solent Universities combined team
  • 4th. Fleming Park Judo Club.

Womens Individual

  • 1st. ┬áIonela Nane (Solent University)
  • 2nd Eleanor Stephens (AWE)
  • 3rd Leah Cozens (Fleming Park)

With the results of round two, the overall standings are as follows (with Southampton and Southampton Solent sharing the team points 50/50):

  • 1st Priory / Portsmouth Uni (35 Points)
  • 2nd Holbrook (20 Points)
  • 3rd Southampton University (19.5 Points)
  • 4th Southampton Solent University (18.5 Points)
  • 5th Fleming Park (16 Points)
  • 6th AWE (10 Points)
  • 7th Eastleigh Judokwai (2 Points).

The next round is on December 1st at St Marys, clubs please contact Lance Wicks ( ) for more information and to let us know if you will be entering a team.