Results: Hampshire Judo Team Championships Trial #2

Saturday May 5th: St Marys Leisure Centre.

The second of the trial events for the team championships was hosted by Southampton Solent University, the team event was followed by an informal individual competition, the results follow below:


1. Fleming Park

2. Winchester

3. Summit


Men 2
1. WATCH John Solent
2. ALLEN Richard Solent
3. CARR Liam Fleming Park

Young Mixed
1. SLANEY Jordan Summit
2. MCGURK Dolton Summit
3. MITCHELL Alexander Winchester

Men 1
1. HERSEY Russell Fleming Park
2. MAZZONI James Felming Park
3. VEAL James Summit

Winchester 1
1. CHAMBERLAIN Emma Winchester Uni
2. MITCHELL Alexander Winchester

Men 3
1. SLANEY Jordan Summit
2. WATCH John Solent