Results Hampshire Youth Games Winchester Event

This afternoon children from 3 clubs and a school participated in a very friendly competition as part of the Hampshire Youth Games 2011. The event was hosted by Riverpark Leisure Centre.

As with the Eastleigh event, the children were grouped into pools of roughly the same size, weigh and ability and fought in a round-robin format. In this event, the format of scoring was different. Using the model used at the Winchester Festival of Judo in January; children did not lose after a single Ippon, rather first to three Ippons. Also only Yuko and Ippon were used.

Below are the results of the categories (named by the children in each category):

A huge thank you to Riverpark Leisure Centre for hosting the event and to the parents who were so supportive of all the children participating, especially those who took a knock and got up and carried on!

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