Sport England Grant for BJA Hampshire Judo Development

I am very pleased to report that Sport England with the help of National Lottery Funding have accepted an application made by the current Committee in association with BJA Service Manager – Peter Beard back in December for £9,165.

The Grant is to be used for 2 main goals:Lottery Funded_Sport England

Club Development:

New mats to help start new clubs until they are able to purchase there own.  They will remain the property of BJA Hampshire Judo.

Peter Symonds College will be receiving them first to replace basic gym mats they have been using since starting a Sportivate course that has continued into a club.

Competitions Development.

New Equipment to improve the quality of competitions including a PA System you can hear.

IT equipment – Network hardware, laptops and large screens for information/scoreboards.

Also included was funding for a Medal Podium and Backdrops which should help make a better experience for the spectators as well.

Paul Hamilton – Chair